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Essential Package

Essential Wombman

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Essential Package
Essential Package


Essential Package includes

1 Yoni Egg set (1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large Stone of your choice) Excludes: Nephrite Jade 

1 Package of Yoni Steam 


1 Box Of Probiotics ( NO LONGER INCLUDED) CAN SUBSTITUTE FOR 1 Soap & 1 Lube 

3 packs of Genial Day natural Pads (size of  your choice) 

1 Sage Bundle 

 Instructions for ordering :

Add this bundle to your shopping cart ! 

In the notes please provide  the types of Yoni Eggs you want included with your set. What type of Probiotics and Pads. 

Example: 1 Large Rose Quartz, 1 Medium Amethyst, 1 Small Black Obsidian / 3 Heavy flow Pads/ Fem-Probio Probiotics


All orders will ship by Friday August 25th