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Stage One: Large Yoni Eggs: 3.8cm x 5cm
Stage Two: Medium Yoni Eggs 3cm x 4cm
Stage Three: Small Yoni Eggs: 2.5cm x 3.5cm

Stage One - Large Yoni Egg: We recommend everyone who has given birth start with a large yoni egg. Large yoni eggs are the best option for strengthening the pelvic floor because of their weight and size, which give the best resistance for a good pelvic floor work out.

Stage Two- Medium Yoni Egg: We recommend starting with a medium size yoni egg if you have not given birth. Our medium size yoni eggs are great for maintaining pelvic strength after you've worked with the large for 8 weeks. Medium size yoni eggs are recommended for spiritual work.  

Stage Three - Small Yoni Egg: Our small yoni egg is for advanced users wanting to challenge their yoni egg exercises. You can also combine a small yoni egg and medium yoni egg together to work with two different energies at the same time.  

 yoni egg sizes





How to do your Yoni Steam at home

  1.  In a medium covered pot, pour 4 cups of water (Alkaline/ Spring Water).
  2.  Place one handful of Essential Wombman Steam herb(s) or 1/4 cup into water.
  3.  Bring water to a soft boil for 5-8 minutes.
  4.  Turn off the heat, leave the lid on and steep for another 5 minutes with the lid on.
  5.  Prepare your throne using a bowl in your toilet or a 5 Gallon bucket
  6.  Pour the herbs & water into the bowl you have placed in your toilet or in a bowl you have placed in your bucket.
  7.  Make sure it is not too hot. ( It is possible to burn yourself use caution)
  8.  Remove you underwear and sit on the seat above the steaming water.
  9.  Drape a large blanket or sheet around your waist down to the floor making sure no steam escapes.
  10. Make sure you keep yourself warm, keeping something on your feet (socks, slippers) and neck. You do not want any cold to get into your body while you are trying to warm it.
  11. You should feel a warm, rolling heat for about 10-12 minutes & and steady steam for a full 30 minutes.
  12. When the steam dies down dump the water into the toilet
  14. Tips: Light candles, create a peaceful environment. Meditation and Journaling is recommended.