Love Yourself, Love your Yoni!

Yoni Egg Size Guide

Stage One: Large Yoni Eggs: 3.8cm x 5cm
Stage Two: Medium Yoni Eggs 3cm x 4cm
Stage Three: Small Yoni Eggs: 2.5cm x 3.5cm

Stage One - Large Yoni Egg: We recommend everyone who has given birth start with a large yoni egg. Large yoni eggs are the best option for strengthening the pelvic floor because of their weight and size, which give the best resistance for a good pelvic floor work out.

Stage Two- Medium Yoni Egg: We recommend starting with a medium size yoni egg if you have not given birth. Our medium size yoni eggs are great for maintaining pelvic strength after you've worked with the large for 8 weeks. Medium size yoni eggs are recommended for spiritual work.  

Stage Three - Small Yoni Egg: Our small yoni egg is for advanced users wanting to challenge their yoni egg exercises. You can also combine a small yoni egg and medium yoni egg together to work with two different energies at the same time.  

 yoni egg sizes