Q. Are your Yoni Eggs certified?

Yes, we guarantee that all of our gemstones are what we claim them to be. We have even submitted a piece of each stone to GIA - Gemological Institute of America for third-party testing to verify our authenticity. 

Q. My gemstone has a small surface scratch, internal crack, or inclusion, is this normal and safe to use?

Small nonabrasive scratches on the surface of yoni eggs or massage wands are perfectly safe to use, in fact, they are very common on certain types of crystals. Internal cracks are also common among certain stones, if your stone has an internal crack, it is safe to use as long as the crack has not grown to the outside surface. However, large holes or cracks that run along the outside of the stone are not safe for internal use. Always check your stone before use; with improper care, your stone can develop cracks or chips.

We do not use fillers on any of our stones; please remember these are semi-precious stones, not molded plastic or other synthetic materials that can be made perfectly.

 Q. Do you energetically charge or cleanse your yoni gems?

Yes, Always! We cleanse all of our Yoni Eggs as soon as they have finished the production process with our organic wild-crafted sage sticks.

 Q. How do I clean my Yoni Egg?

Clean your Yoni Egg by washing it in Hot water and gently rub a light non-harsh soap on the outside. You can use a washcloth or soft bristle toothbrush for a more thorough cleaning. If you have a drilled yoni egg, use a pipe cleaner to run through the hole or the provided mascara brush. Rinse all soap off and pat dry.

*Avoid harsh soaps; they can eat away the outside finish.

* Never boil your Yoni Egg; it can cause it to crack. 

Yoni Egg & Jade Egg Questions

Q. How long do I leave my yoni eggs inside me?

For kegel exercises, 2 -3 hours a day, 2-3 times a week. Just like working out at the gym, you need to allow your vaginal muscles time to rest and repair. For spiritual use, use your yoni eggs during meditation and anytime you need some crystal energy support.

 Q. How do I know which size yoni egg to start with?

 Please click here to see the size guide

Q. When is it time to move downsizes in yoni eggs?

You never really need to move down a size to get more benefit, but some women prefer to challenge their yoni's or would like to experience something different from what they are currently using. If you are using a yoni egg to strengthen your yoni, you should be ready to move downsizes in about 6 weeks.

 Q. Can my yoni egg get lost or stuck inside me?

Nope, never. Same concept as wearing a tampon. If you are not using a string and it finds its way up a little high, simply lay down and relax; it will travel down enough for you to scoop out with your fingers. Sitting on the toilet to urinate will usually do the trick as well (make sure to catch the egg so it doesn't fall in the toilet). Another way is the deep squat position; bear down and use your fingers if needed.

 Q. My yoni egg won’t stay in, is there something wrong?

Absolutely not! This is very common, especially for beginners. It just means you need to practice and build your muscle strength. If this happens try laying on your back with feet on the ground and knees up. Continue to practice your kegel exercise in this position until you feel you are ready to try standing up. Also, try sleeping with your yoni egg next to you to connect.

 Q. Why are some yoni eggs drilled?

Most women prefer a drilled yoni egg because you can attach a string (dental floss, natural hemp, or our yoni egg string) to have control of your yoni egg. Think of it like wearing a tampon; when you're ready to remove your yoni egg, you gently pull the string, and outcomes your yoni egg. You can also use a string to do exercises with your yoni egg.  

 Q. Can I use a yoni egg with an IUD or other birth control?

Yoni eggs are not recommended to be used with a string when wearing an IUD. Other birth control options do not hinder you from using a yoni egg. 

Q. Can I use my yoni egg while I’m menstruating?

We advise against it, as it can cause more cramping or heavier flows.


 Massage Wand & Crystal Dildo Questions

Q. Can I use my massage wand in water?

Yes!  The great thing about gemstones is they are waterproof.  


Q. Can I use lube or oil with my yoni wand or yoni egg? 

Yes, they are compatible with ANY lube oil or water-based. 

Q. What is your refund or return policy?

Due to the intimate nature of our products Refunds and returns are NOT allowed on any items. 

Please email mariah@essentialwombman.com for support.