Meet Mariah

The Essential Wombman 

Yoni Steam Practitioner

Women’s Herbalist 

Womb Trauma Specialist

Tell me, Queen, what is more essential than the divine feminine?

Hello, Loves!

I’m Mariah and I created Essential Wombman after dealing with vaginal issues and prescriptions that offered no relief. After several years of excessive heavy flow cycles, severe cramps, and what seemed to me like permanent acne, I realized I needed a better plan, so I developed a Plan B. After conducting research on the benefits of herbs, aromatherapy, the benefits of yoni steaming, and crystal healing, I was amazed, and I felt like I was relearning my body all over again! I knew then that this should have always been Plan A.

A key discovery that I uncovered was that Yoni steaming weekly, a process of sitting over a hot pot of herbs while Yoni breathing, proved to be essential to every woman’s reproductive system. Yes, SIS! Herbs really do assist with healing! They play an important role in balancing hormones, regulating our menstrual cycle, and even releasing trauma from the womb. 

When I realized the transformation of self that happens because of this, I opened The Womb Garden Spa! I discovered within myself I had a genuine desire to help women heal the way I was healed. I now understand that by using plant medicine, we not only treat the whole body but also strengthen it and encourage it to heal itself.

For 8 years now, I’ve been studying and working with herbs and for 5 of those years, I have been a part of helping women transform their lives with the Womb Garden Spa! I am a certified Womb Trauma Specialist, Herbalist, Yoni Steam Practitioner, and a Doula. I continue to renew my knowledge of what I do and stay abreast of the latest in Natural Healing and Yoni Health.

Now, I spend most of my time enjoying what I do helping women heal, teaching them to love themselves and their yoni!

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