Love Yourself, Love your Yoni!

Yoni Eggs (GIA Certified)

If you’re a beginner we suggest you start with a medium drilled yoni egg as this will typically fit most women. 

If you have given birth naturally, we suggest starting with a large sized egg and then gradually making your way down to a medium. The larger the yoni egg the easier to hold in since the vagina has to contract less to hold the egg inside.  However for some women it might feel too big or too heavy and may drop out. 

A small egg is best for women who are either advanced (harder to hold inside) or have a smaller vaginal canal. If you’re a virgin or have an overactive pelvic floor – we suggest a smaller egg 

Wash your egg in hot water (not boiling otherwise it will crack) with some apple cider vinegar or organic soap.

2. Cleanse the egg by leaving under a full moon. You can also wash in the ocean (or salt water), leave out under the sunshine, smudge with White Sage. If you want to add your own ritual to cleanse and charge the egg please do. Any natural soap is okay to cleanse.

3. Set your intention.  Stones have powerful vibrations and they can pick up your prayers and intentions. So if there is something you would like to work on you can put that intention into the water and stone as you cleanse it and charge it.  You can also set your stone in the sun or moon to charge it, do what your spirit guides you to do 

By using your egg daily, it will help awaken the yoni more and more!

All Yoni eggs are Drilled,GIA Certified,100% Natural

All Yoni egg orders come with  Keepsake Pouch (1) 100% Organic cotton string, (2) Cleaning brushes and a User guide.

 Please allow 7-10 business days for processing and shipment of your order. If ordering during a sale due to high demand processing may exceed 10 business days.

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