Yoni Eggs & Exercising

Yoni eggs are vaginal weights  that will assist you with tightening & strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, rejuvenate and restore your womb after childbirth, keeps you connected to your womb space and most importantly wakes up your Divine Feminine !!new orgasms awaits you.........

If you go to the gym you would see weights and equipment that assist you with obtaining your goal. 

Fitness- typical physical exercises , gym walking , running what ever you take time to do 2-3 days a week, for some cleaning their home is an exercise. 

As you are in motion make sure you are doing your kegel exercises, kegels are vital to meeting all of your Yoni goals. Simply lay down or stand and begin contracting  and releasing your pelvic floor muscles, make sure you are only contracting your pelvic muscles not your butt, abs or thighs.  Continue this in reps of 10 at least 3-5 times a day.

Yoni Yoga- For my Yogis or lovers of the practice, incorporating a Yoni yoga pose would put you ahead of the game. Using a yoni egg while doing yoga will help you deeply connect to your center and the amazing energetic properties your chosen Yoni egg posses. Bridge, wall, squat and frog pose are excellent beginners! Practice controlled breathing and keep in touch with your womb space.

Being consistent is so important to expect results you should use your yoni egg 2-3 days a week! More if you would like, please allow your Yoni and your Egg rest! for recharging and cleansing!


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