Why I chose a Green Aventurine Yoni Egg to wear during the #Elevateher event!

Peace Queens, this past weekend was amazing! I vended at @Xonecole #Elevateher2019 event and it was a huge success!

If you met me on Saturday I mentioned to most of you that I was wearing a Green Aventurine Yoni egg during the event. 

Green Aventurine was chosen because it is known for its luck and opportunity it brings. It brings a winning energy, wealth and personal growth! 

Knowings the properties of Green aventurine I set my intentions before the event!

I met so many women who needed my products or know someone who needed them and in return I was given numerous opportunities. I was asked to do  4 interviews which for me always makes me very uncomfortable but since my Green Aventurine Yoni egg was in I had no problem recording and being in front of the camera. 

Financially this event was my highest grossing event to date. Many of you came to my table with an open mind and ready to heal! Thank you for your support!

My team and I put in so much work to make sure it was a success and the energy and support we received from so many women really touched my heart!

Special thanks to the Xonecole team for all of their hard work and just being AMAZING!!

If you purchased from me at this event please share your products and tag us on Social media @Essential.Wombman 

Send me a email or DM if you have questions prior to use.

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