Probiotics for Healthy Feminine Flora

Probiotics have benefits for everyone, but for women, the benefits may extend to controlling common feminine issues. Beneficial microbes help keep the vaginal area somewhat acidic, creating a hostile environment to infectious bacteria. Also, an imbalance of beneficial flora and pH levels are conducive for yeasts to infect and grow. This is why it’s so crucial for women to consume probiotics on a regular basis while eating an alkaline diet.Urinary tract infections (UTIs) and bacterial vaginosis (vaginitis) are also commonly associated with a deficiency in positive gut flora

Many of the conventional approaches to UTIs use antibiotics, but this route is becoming more problematic with the dramatic rise in antibiotic resistance. So, while antibiotics may provide short-term benefits, their long-term effect remains debatable. Probiotics actually promote the growth of beneficial bacteria that fights the bad, compared with antibiotics which kill all bacteria (including the good guys). Vaginitis is also an irritating condition that results in unpleasant discharge and and itching. Fortunately, probiotics have also shown promise in approaching this condition by fighting the main causative bacteria, Gardnerella vaginalis.

Probiotics support healthy vaginal environment and urinary tract environment. Without an appropriate bacterial balance, vaginal health is threatened by a wide range of harmful invaders. One way to ensure the correct quantity and quality of beneficial bacteria your body has at all times is to take a probiotic supplement, particularly one that contains a number of different beneficial bacteria strains. FemProbio is one that I highly recommend, especially to women.


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