How Our Yoni Eggs are made : A message from our supplier

  1. We start with ordering large pieces of raw semi-precious gemstone crystal from various parts of the world.
  2. The large slabs of raw gemstone are then cut and chiseled into cube shapes by hand.
  3. The gemstone cubes are then shaped into a desired rough form, called a preform. This is done with a sanding machine which is  carefully hand operated by our lapidary specialist. Water is used during the process to keep the stone from overheating. One by one, our yoni eggs are made.
  4. The eggs are now shaped into their desired form, in various sizes, and then tumbled in a rotating tumbling barrel for a few hours to a few days, depending on the stone (some are drilled at this point). After they are perfectly smooth and silky, they are packaged and shipped to our office where we package and ship them directly to you.That's it, nothing more.
  5. We have never altered or enhanced our gemstone yoni eggs in any way. We have weekly communication by email, phone or Skype with our team and oversee every step of the production process and are proud to deliver perfection with every yoni egg we produce. 

Anyone can sell jade yoni eggs and claim they are authentic, certified, grade-a, etc. With out a proper certification from a trusted company, you can't be sure if your yoni eggs are truly authentic though. 

Many companies selling jade eggs (and other yoni eggs) claim (or make you think) they are selling certified yoni eggs. We've seen "certifications" simply printed on business cards with nothing more than promising text claiming they are selling authentic jade/yoni eggs. This is not a certification. We've also seen fake nephrite jade certifications claiming the stone is nephrite, but the species is jadeite (this is not possible, it's either or, but can't be both). 

We know of only one company in the USA who certifies gemstones by professional gemologists in a laboratory. We pay a lot of money to get legit certifications and are proud to offer GIA Certified Nephrite Jade (and other certified yoni eggs). 

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